About Us

What is figtek?

Figtek is a collective of small niche Australian businesses that work together harmoniously. Through this collaborative approach we provide a diverse range of services and ensure that the needs of our clients are fully met.


Figtek Industry

Another example of a unique problem solving approach is Figtek Industry. We started out in 2014 with our fabrication branch. Figtek Fabrication was experiencing rapid growth but our supply chain was becoming increasingly disrupted. For the past 10 years, we relied heavily on outsourcing our cutting and machining (CNC work) to third-party companies. Initially, this arrangement seemed beneficial, but as time went on, we encountered challenges in managing the process effectively. Despite switching service providers multiple times, we discovered a recurring pattern: a minimum waiting period of four weeks and costs that often exceeded or matched the initial quote, leaving us dissatisfied.

Eventually in need of a quicker turnaround period and greater control over our products, we were determined to develop a stronger competitive edge for our products.

To achieve this goal, we determined that obtaining our own CNC machine was the best solution. After a year of thorough research and numerous enquiries, we realized that locally available machines although impressive, were highly sophisticated and heavily priced. This resulted in our decision to import our CNC machine with the desire to reduce fabrication times, increase the adaptability of our products and ensure that they were competitively priced.

Our first CNC arrived in 2016 from China. In contrast to our expectations, it was a powerful machine, but poorly assembled – lacking in detail and resulting in several issues. After a month of rewiring and implementing necessary safety measures, the machine was successfully working. However, it didn’t take us long to realize that  the machine was oversized and overly powerful for our specific requirements.  After much thought, we decided to sell it and search for a newer alternative. We proceeded to place an order in another company from China hoping that the machine would finally allign with our needs and requirements.

Within a span of a few years upto 2020, our journey took a transformative turn. Through extensive machine fixing and tuning, we have reached a point where we can confidently import our own machines, specifically from Taiwan. We managed to build a team of resourceful, passionate engineers in Taiwan. These engineers work diligently to source the most reliable and cost-effective parts from various locations worldwide. They also professionally build machines according to specifications, customized for the local market in order to fulfill all its demands. We consistently make efforts to ensure the quality of our products. As a result we are able to provide customer service, support and maintain our machines throughout Australia.

This was followed by an immediate and overwhelming response with regard to our products. We soon realized that there were several other manufacturers and businesses that underwent the same kind of struggle. The first machine found a new home almost overnight. When the second machine arrived (although in a better condition than the first)  we couldn’t help but feel a tinge of disappointment.  Without any delay, we started working and making adjustments to ensure perfect working condition. The second attempt took only half the time to get the machine in proper working condition.

Our biggest challenge was faced with effectively communicating our needs to manufacturers. Several manufactures primarily focused on bulk orders at the lowest price rather than on individual purchases. Due to this, we encountered difficulties in ensuring our needs were met. This pattern of importing, fixing, and selling repeated every couple of months over several years. To overcome these challenges we decided to make business trips to personally meet new manufactures. The entire process helped us learn and discover newer technological developments, as well as establish better connections with other companies. Throughout this process we honed our focus on three main aspects: quality,  reliability and cost. The most arduous task was to establish reliable and trustworthy connections with business partners overseas. We needed to build these dependable relations to ensure that our needs were met and successfully maintain a smooth import process.

Accelerating this process of development to 2020, our progress and business collaboration has developed tremendously.  We can now confidently import our own machines through our contacts from Taiwan. Knowing that our needs were never fully met, we decided to take the initiative to manufacture custom built machinery.

Our experienced team in Taiwan sources reliable and cost effective parts from all over the world to accentuate the standard of our products. They now build machines according to our specifications for the local market.

This level of control over the design and quality of the machines we import has provided us with a significant advantage. We now have the capability to import, service, and support all of these machines throughout Australia. This in turn helps us guarantee that our customers receive premium products and comprehensive assistance in maintaining and optimizing the products performance.

The Facts;

  • Our machines are built to last. They are durable and resilient.
  • Our machines are industrial but maintain high accuracy and precision.
  • Our machines are custom built and are equipped with locally stocked parts.
  • Our machines come with local technical support as well as a locally valid warranty.

But why so cheap you ask?

Ethics are at the core of our business philosophy. We understand the difficulties faced in trying to achieve more with limited resources. By leveraging our experience and expertise, we have developed strategies to save you money while maintaining high standards of quality, reliability, durability, and service life. This is how we offer our products to you at a competitive price without compromising on its efficiency

We take pride in our direct import approach, ensuring that the machines are delivered straight to our customers without any intermediaries involved. This allows for a streamlined process, eliminating unnecessary delays and ensuring efficient delivery.

When it comes to building the machines, we start from scratch, ensuring that each component is meticulously assembled and wired to Australian Standards. To guarantee optimal performance, all machines undergo rigorous testing and calibration processes. Our team of engineers, with over 30 years of experience, bring their expertise to every aspect of the machine’s construction and functionality.

We offer a convenient “Plug and Play” option, and we encourage you to inquire about this feature to understand its benefits and simplicity.

Unlike other importers who may inflate prices with high margins, we believe in fair pricing for our involvement. Our margins are kept reasonable, as we have confidence in the quality and reliability of our machines. We don’t add “just in case” percentages to each machine, allowing us to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance. We stand behind our pricing and offer warranties to provide peace of mind to our customers.

Our machines are designed to be strong, reliable, and equipped with intelligent control systems. They are user-friendly and easy to learn, providing a solid foundation for smooth operations. We only offer systems that we trust and use ourselves on a daily basis, ensuring that we have in-depth knowledge and expertise to solve any potential issues that may arise. You can be confident that we are well-equipped to address any challenge that comes our way.

We import directly to the customers. Out of the container and directly to you.

  • We build the machines from scratch
  • Wired to Australian Standard
  • All machines undergo heaps of testing and calibration
  • Engineers with over 30 years experience
  • Plug and Play option availabe – Ask us what’s this about

And finally, we do not set our margins sky-high like other importers who claim to save you money by being direct but then place large margins on their machines simply because they know the local market is limited. We only charge what we believe is a fair fee for our involvement. We also don’t need a “just in case” percentage on top of each machine. We can keep margins low because we know what we are doing and have absolute confidence in our machines, we back it up with our pricing and our warranties.

We design reliably strong machines with smart control systems that are rock solid reliable, easy to use and most importantly easy to learn. We only offer the systems we trust and use ourselves every day, we know these machines inside and out. This means you cannot encounter a problem we cannot solve!

Figtek Industry is your go-to for expert design, manufacture and import of industrial computerised machinery with local warranty, support and parts Australia wide!