How We Work

So you have been doing your research for a while and know what you need but you are unsure how to go from here.

  • The first step is to get in contact with us. We need to speak with each of our clients to ensure we are providing the optimal solution to their needs before their order is placed. Send an email to with as much information regarding your potential machine as possible. Even better yet, give us a call to arrange a consultation and viewing of an active machine. We promise you will not be disappointed.

  • The next stage is to finalise your machine and to receive your invoice. We require a 30% deposit to secure your spot in the next shipment. Shipping space and monthly machine limits mean places are limited, so the soon you can place the deposit the soon you are able to receive your machine.

  • Once your shipping spot is secure and your deposit is received, your machine begins to be built. Depending on the size or complexity it will take from 3 to 6 weeks to be built, calibrated and tested. During this time you will receive regular updates on your machine’s progress in the form of photographs and videos. Once built but before shipping, you will receive video evidence of the machine’s operation and its first test cuts.

  • Shipping is 2 Weeks. Prior to arrival, you will be contacted to arrange a day and time to collect the machine. We unload our containers in Melbourne. The remaining balance of your machine’s price will be required before pick up or delivery (usually the remaining 70%). If you are unable to collect it, we can organise storage or delivery but these will be at an additional cost. We recommend the delivery be done with a crane truck if possible as it greatly helps with your ability to position the machine.

We are available to support your new machine via phone or email anytime during business hours. Additional training can be provided on either use of the machine or software but these are at additional cost.

  • Once you have your machine, we recommend having it connected by a qualified electrician. Any required diagrams or connection details will be provided.

  • An important detail to note here is that our margins are so low that we are at higher risk than our clients regarding costs. Each machine we built to order costs significantly more than 30% to build and ship. However, we only ask that the remaining amount is paid just prior to pick up so that we can be confident the machine has made it safely. This is how we guard our clients against financial risk. This is also how confident we are in our process and our machines.. We know our machines are a great deal and if the need arises we could quickly sell them on to other clients.

  • Shipping space is limited and often fills up quickly. We currently have a limit to the number of machines we are comfortable building and importing each month. If you require a machine sooner then you are best getting in touch sooner.

Extras you may wish to include are:

  • Delivery via crane truck.
  • Custom casters to match the machine to aid in placement.
  • Machine/Program training
  • Introduction to CNC operation training