Looking to have your work done which is not going to take 4 weeks nor cost you an arm and a leg without compromising quality? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have been manufacturing various projects for over 14 years from wood, plastics, metals etc and we know the troubles you go through when trying to bring your idea to life. We have come up with a cost effect production method from start to finish and in record breaking time. Speak with us about how we can get your production done quickly and efficiently.

Our Services

Figtek Industry specialises in the fabrication of many different products ranging from (POS) point of sale displays, plastic guards, large tanks and engineered components just to name a few.
We only use quality materials in its manufacturing process and can advise you on the best material suited for the purpose.
We have the experience, knowledge and skill gained from working in a variety of areas from large commercial catering services, materials handling industry to domestic products.

Our services include:

Metal, Plastic, Wood Fabrication
  • Acrylic/Plastic Sheet Cut to Size
  • CAD/CAM drawings and programming
  • Vinyl direct printing on the product
  • Laser cutting stainless steel
  • Plasma Cut various metals
  • CNC router service
  • We use the following Technology:

  • CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) Routing
  • CAD (Computer-aided design)
  • Plasma cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Print and Cut Vinyl
  • Direct print to product
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    WHY US?

    We can produce your product in the shortest amount of time. Reasonably priced. No hidden costs. Free professional graphic designer. Free Professional programmer. All our work is done in house. Therefore you will be supporting a local business. Have everything done in one place right from designing the product, cutting, assembling, graphics printing etc etc. fulfillment options available as well. Give us a call to find out more.

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